söndag 2 maj 2010

Intervju med skönsjungande Filipa från Portugal

Filipa Azevedo är blott 18 år men har röstresurser som imponerar. Jag träffade henne förra helgen i Holland och fick möjlighet att både prata och lyssna till hennes stämma. Filipas låt "Há Dias Assim" är skriven av journalisten och musikälskaren Augusto Madureira. Portugal håller fast vid sin tradition att sjunga på portugisiska, vilket det torde finnas fler än jag som uppskatta. "Há Dias Assim"betyder "There are days".

How does it feel to participate in a promotion event like this one here in The Netherlands?
It feels great. It’s a beautiful country to visit again. I was here many years ago with my father. But it’s a bit cold... In Portugal we have summer by now!

Have you done any other promotion trips?
This is my first one. There might be some more trips but we do not know yet.

How do you prepare yourself for the coming Eurovision in Oslo?
Rehearsals and rehearsals. Singing and practicing.

I was reading that you are living in London right now.
That’s correct. I’m studying there. But because of Eurovision I am now based in Portugal.

What are you studying?
Music technology. I want to be a producer. Then I can produce my own music or maybe become a DJ.

You are also playing an instrument – the flute.
Yes - I was playing the flute but stopped when I was about 12 years. Now I will start again and combine it with piano lessons.

Can you tell us something about your background?
I won a competition called 'Família Super Star'. It’s a Portuguese family TV-show, where you sing and perform together with a family member. I was participating with my mother.

Do you have any favorite Eurovision songs?

Among the Portuguese songs my favorites are Sara Tavares “Chamar A Música” from 1994 and Dulce with “Lusitana Paixão” from 1991. Among other countries I like last year’s song from Iceland “Is It True” and the Dutch song “My Impossible Dream” from 2005. I am singing that song myself and also “Chamar A Música” is in my repertoire.

Thanks to Filipa for this interview. On the video clip you hear Filipa singing her song at the ‘Eurovision In Concert’ event in Zaandam-Amsterdam which was held on the 24 April.

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Maria Letra sa...

I wish I knew the Swedish language, Lilian. But ... thanks to Google Translator, I managed to have your post translated well enough to understand everything.
Thank you very much, indeed, to have contacted me.
I also write in blogs (4), but you don't understand Portuguese. Do you??? I have been asked to write in English, but I have so little time available ... I even haven't been writing in the blogs, because I have to give support to Filipa's fans.