onsdag 8 juli 2015

Eurovision 2016: Stockholm is the place!

(Photo credit Globen: Johanna Lundberg. Montage: Lilian)

Sooner than expected we got a result from the Swedish broadcaster SVT. The host city of Eurovision Song Contest 2016 is Stockholm and the venue is the Globe Arena. Back to the place where Eurovision was held in year 2000. We can call it "recycling" and a familiar place for those who have attended Melodifestivalen.

Vienna was a wonderful Eurovision-city but how will Stockholm perform in comparison? Quite good, I believe. However there is one area where we can't compete with Vienna. WINE. Doesn't matter how efficient Swedes are, we will not be able to produce wine in the capital region as they do in Austria. Besides that we are rather well off. Here are five examples:

1) In Vienna we had Wienerschnitzel. In Stockholm we will have Biff Lindstrom and Wallenbergare.

2) In Vienna we had Sachertorte. In Stockholm we will have Princesstårta.

3) In Vienna we had Strudel. In Stockholm we will have Kanelbulle (= cinnamon bun).

4) In Vienna we had the Danube river. In Stockholm we will have Lake Mälaren.

5) In Vienna we had the Haus der Musik. In Stockholm we will have ABBA museum.

More to come within this item. Some weeks ago I wrote down 10 reasons why Stockholm should be the hosting city. Read more about my thoughts HERE.

Photos: Lilian, Alexandros, SVT, Kungsörnen