tisdag 3 september 2013

The Eurovision Cruise 2013 featuring Marion Rung

For the fourth time OGAE Finland arranged ‘The Eurovision Cruise’ at M/S Silja Europa. More than 2000 persons were onboard for 22-hours having a good time, listening and dancing to Eurovision artists and DJ:s, while the ship slowly went between Helsinki and Tallinn with a beautiful sunset outside 

This year's event was a tribute to female artists and one of the highlights was to meet Marion Rung, who represented Finland in Eurovision Song Contest 1962 and 1973. Especially for Roger, our video-man, who was and is, a big Marion-fan. He actually brought the proof with him when we got the possibility to interview her.

1962 was the second time for Finland to take part in Eurovision. 16-years young Marion was selected to represent the country with her cute song “Tipi-tii” and in 1973 with “Tom Tom Tom”, which ended 6th.  “Tom Tom Tom” was Finland’s best position in Eurovision until Lordi and “Hard Rock Hallelujah” won in 2006. Marion Rung is one of the best known and award-winning Finnish singer in her genre. Beside her participation in Eurovision she has competed in the Sopot festival several times and she won the contest twice (1974, 1980). In 2011 she celebrated 50 years as artist with several concerts in Finland.


After the interview it was time for Marion and her band to enter the stage for a one hour show. We got all her big hits and the feedback from the audience was great. After 52 years in the show-biz Marion is definitely still going strong.

The Eurovision cruise took place during 22 hours 31st August-1st September 2013. The line-up of artists was wide and varied and something for everybody:
Valentina Monetti, San Marino 2012, 2013
Marion Rung, Finland 1962, 1973
Krista Siegfrids, Finland 2013
Birgit, Estonia 2013
Timoteij, Sweden Melodifestivalen 2010, 2012
ESC-DJ:s were: DJ Ohrmeister and DJ Werneri
Eurovision-dragshow by Jukka K & Miss Divet

Thanks a lot the president of OGAE Finland, Jouni Pihkakorpi, and his excellent team.