ESC 2012 video clips

Here are some of the interviews we did during Eurovision in Baku. Roger was filming and JP (Radio International) and I were asking questions. More clips can be found on my YouTube account.

Interview with Loreen from Sweden, the winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2012

Intervju med Pernilla, som representerade Finland i Baku

Interview with Ivi Adamo, representing Cyprus

Interview with Eleftheria Eleftheriou, representing Greece

Interview with Kurt Calleja, representing Malta

Loreen performing at the Swedish reception at the Villa Petrolea, which previously was the home of the Swedish Nobel family

Lilian & Roger are looking for the ultimate Eurovision outfit

Welcome to an excursion outside Baku!

Interview with Tooji, representing Norway

Interview with Gaitana, representing Ukraine

Interview with Trackshittaz, representing Austria

Interview with Compact Disco, representing Hungary

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