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Live reporting from the Melodifestivalen final in Globen, Stockholm

Finally. It is time for the final in Melodifestivalen 2010. Who will win the ticket to Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo The show is broadcasted from Stockholm Globe Arena.
You can watch it live here: http://svtplay.se/

Follow the review of the songs here on my blog.

1. Darin - "You’re Out Of My Life"
Sweet little Darin with his beautiful brown eyes and great voice. He is really doing his outmost of this song. It’s a beautiful ballad but something is missing. Some more charisma need to be added. He looks so sad – maybe because of the lyrics. Outfit is changed into a white glossy suite and white shoes. No dancers but 3 flying sheets behind him, backed up by a “carola-fan”.

2. Pernilla Wahlgren - "Jag vill om du vågar"
The schlager is not dead. Pernilla did her debut 25 years ago and she continues to protect the genre. One of two entries sang in Swedish. Her voice is much stronger than in the second chance round when she was suffering from a cold. She has a new designed dress, also golden. The dancers are working hard including a lift. The “carola-fan” is in use again and a confetti rain completes the song.

3. Andreas Johnson - "We Can Work It Out"
Third try for Andreas as solo artist. Last time he had Carola by his side. The green jacket is back and not teh blach one from the rehearsals. Nice lightning and the audience is given white glow sticks. The choreography is limited to Andreas and the microphone. When he sings he uses his whole body. Sorry Andreas but even if you are begging for votes on your knees, it won’t help.

4. Timoteij - "Kom"
Timoteij = Violin-Johanna, Accordion-Bodil, Flute-Elina and Guitar-Cecilia. Four “Ruslana-drummers” are accompanying the four nice blond girls. They look very innocent and happy – almost a bit scared. A simple choreography which looks rather effective on the TV screens. More of the “carola-fan”. From the first time when I heard the song, the rhythm and the melody were stuck to my head as glue. That’s why I think this would be a good entry for Oslo.

5. Peter Jöback - "Hollow"
Time for the best laser show of the evening. This is a dramatic musical kind of song with six modulations. The performance seems much more intense compared to the semi final. Peter sings more freely and uses the broad register of his voice. He is wearing the same dress as before. The six backing vocalists support the song and give it a powerful push. A little bit of gospel feeling.

6.Ola -"Unstoppable"
This is a perfect song for a work out class och a quick power walking session. Ola has a bit of a grim expression even if he tries to cheer us up by playing with the microphone. Behind the white piano we see the back of a man with hair in rasta-style. During the song Ola moves to the round little floor placed among the audience. In the end of the song we are entertained by a rainfall of stars and suddenly the 3 minutes are gone and the melody ends very abruptly.

7. Jessica Andersson - "I Did It For Love"
Jessica was in the ESC final 2003 with the duo Fame. Now it is time for her first ballade ever. Jessica has changes the black dress into a cream-colored one with a black belt. Jessica is singing with intense and she means every word of the lyrics. This ballad is growing and getting stronger and stronger for each performance. The Cello is a nice break in the middle,played by Marika Willstedt.

8. Salem Al Fakir - "Keep On Walking"
Salem is sitting behind the grand piano. He is cute and looks a little bit as an academic professor in his grey suit. We can expect some choreography SURPRISE. He is standing up during the stick, moving to the front of the stage and a look-alike person, the comedian Björn Gustavsson, is suddenly sitting by the piano in the same type of suit. Björn Gustavsson who made a great success 2 years ago in Melodifestivalen. Very smart – now Salem will get the points also from those who are found of Björn.

9. Anna Bergendahl - "This Is My Life"
Time is there for for the number one on the betting lists. Yellow glow sticks. Same dress as in semi final and red sneakers but no Converse advertisements today. It is forbidden by SVT. She sings with great confidence and looks very entusiastic. The voice still reminds me of Tracy Chapman.

10. Eric Saade - "Manboy"
This song appeals to the same audience as Ola’s. It’s also the same type of the marching genre but Eric looks much happier and is more charming than Ola. The song starts with the sound of a thunder storm and the dancers and singers are behind a fence. No changes in outfit. In the end it is time for the famous shower – a new gimmick in the history of Melodifestivalen and Eurovision. The shower will be remembered more than the song.

Time for the interval act.
A duel between Sweden and Norway:
The threat against Melodifestivalen is about to end. We will have an answer in this “thriller”. The THREAT is Norway. The old “fight” between the neighbours. Be prepared - now it’s time for the biggest battle ever between the countries!!! Melodifestivalen against Melodi Grand Prix! Watch out.
Sweden: Blossom from Afrodite (ESC 2002)
Norway: Charmed (ESC 2000)

Sweden: Shirley Clamp (MF 2003, 2004, 2005, 2009)
Norway: Maria Haukaas Storeng (ESC 2008)

Norway: Secret Garden (ESC 1995)
Sweden: One More Time (ESC 1996)

Norway: Lars-Ante (ESC 1990 with Sverre Kjellsberg and Mattis Hætta)
Sweden: Roger Pontare (ESC 2000)

Rock fights!
Norway: Wig Wham (ESC 2006)
Sweden: The Poodles (MF 2006)

Sweden: Towa Carson (MF 1967, 1968)
Norway: Hanne Krogh (ESC 1971)

Sweden: Kikki Danielsson (MF 1978, 1983, ESC 1985, Mf 1992, 2006)
Norway: Bobbysocks (ESC 1985)
Poor Elisabeth Andreasson is split between the countries. Chips (SE) or Bobbysocks (NO)
Sweden: Kikki, Bettan och Lotta (Engberg) (MF 2002)

Last but not least and the winner:
Norway: Alexander Rybak feat FRIKAR(ESC 2009)

Total points from the jury voting:
Salem Al Fakir: 95
Anna Bergendahl: 82
Darin: 51
Timoteij: 51
Andreas Johnson: 50
Eric Saade: 49
Ola: 47
Peter Jöback: 21
Jessica Andersson: 15
Pernilla Wahlgren: 12

The lucky winner and the one who will represent Sweden in Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo is:

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