torsdag 7 maj 2015

Eurovision 2015: Song titles in a "poetic nutshell"

Love, love, love with a touch of darkness. The Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in a nutshell without music. 40 song titles and a Eurovision-slogan put together. This is my "Eurovision-poem", specially made for you who don't want to spend 39 x 3 minutes + 1 minute 27 seconds (Finland) listening to the songs.

One Thing I Should Have Done is Walk Along to say Goodbye To Yesterday
But The sea separates us (= Há Um Mar Que Nos Separa) like a Breaking Dawn (= Amanecer). 
This time, in the Hour Of The Wolf, I want your love All Over Again (= De La Capat).

An Unbroken Chain of Lights. A Warrior Playing With Numbers and Heroes Building Bridges
A Million Voices with Rhythm Inside and still Wars For Nothing
Time to Face The Shadow and say Goodbye (= Adio) to The Great Love (= Grande Amore).

Don’t forget (= N'oubliez Pas) that A Monster Like Me is Love Injected.  
Whenever I have to (= Aina Mun Pitää), I’m alive and Still In Love With You.
The Warrior is Here For You in Black Smoke and In The Name Of Love.

Autumn Leaves and Beauty Never Lies. One Last Breath but Hope Never Dies.
Time To Shine Tonight again. I Am Yours Golden Boy, just The Way You Are

Hopefully you enjoyed my poem and got an idea of what you can expect from this year's edition of Eurovision Song Contest - an anniversary year celebrating 60 years as one of the world's largest music event.

Photo: Karl Vilhjálmsson, EBU

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