måndag 11 maj 2015

Eurovision 2015: I'm in love with the Press Center

During my Eurovision excursions I have experienced many press centers but the Vienna version must be one of the best, as well as the location - in the middle of the city, close to Stadthalle where the contest is taking place.

Super friendly and helpful staff.

Coffee, tea, snacks, apples to keep the flue away.

Nice carafes for water - wish I could bring one home. Smart boxes for recharging mobile phones.

The beautiful decorations in the press hall give us 'Sound of music'-feelings.

Bins for recycling and elaborate design - even for toilette signs.

Sofas to relax in when you need a break from your computer.

So far, Vienna gets 12 points from all of us in the team!

Photos: Lilian

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Sirpa Vestman sa...

Eurovision and the City of Vienna, always in my heart!!!
Thanks Lilian & Roger for sharing with us how it looks like behind the scenes! Huggies