onsdag 13 maj 2015

Eurovision 2015: Cruising on the Danube with ESC-friends

Eurovision is not only about music. The contest also gives us a chance to discover a new city every year.
A 'must' in Vienna is to take a cruise on the Danube. Thanks to Vienna Turismus for giving us the possibility to explore your nice city. www.wien.info  

Johann Strauss composed "An der schönen blauen Donau" but the river is more grey-green than blue, due to the sediments. In the evening you don't see the colour anyhow.

We had a nice time, enjoying the food onboard. So did the Estonian (Elina and Stig) and Lituanian artists (Monika and Vaidas).

Video and photo credit to Michael Duncan, Daniel Fay, Lilian and Roger

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