måndag 18 maj 2015

Eurovision 2015 with a touch of Sibelius and Haydn

Vienna is for sure one of the most music-inspired capitals in the world. The number of concerts are countless. There are many "musts" and it is necessary to prioritize. 

One of my most important 'musts' was Musikverein - the famous venue where the new year's concert is held and broadcasted every year with the Wiener Philharmonic orchestra. Watching the program has been an excellent start of the new year ever since I was a child. Finally I got the possibility attend a concert in real life. Thanks to Eurovision and the Vienna Tourist Board. 

One thing I learnt is that The Wiener Symphonic and the Wiener Philharmonic are two different orchestras but both are performing i Musikverein and both are extremly professional. We were listening to the Symphonic which was conducted by Estonian Olari Elts. The concert included Jean Sibelius and Joseph Haydn. Sol Gabette impressed us with her cello in the Concerto for Violoncello in C-major. 

Photos, video: Lilian & Roger

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