torsdag 10 maj 2012

The POEM of Eurovision 2012

42 songs participate in Eurovision Song Contest 2012. Many titles and words which can be put together into a poem. This is my personal tribute and an attempt to be poetic!

The ”Sound of Our Hearts” is a ”Beautiful Song” of “La La Love”.
“Suus” – It Is – “Unbreakable” like an “Echo” from “Nebo” – a Heaven I “Never Forget”
“Nije Ljubav Stvar” – Love Is Not a Thing, not Black And White as “Crno I Belo”.
“Love Is Blind” like an “Aphrodisiac” or a “Euro Neuro”

“När Jag Blundar” and Close My Eyes, I feel “Love Unlimited”
“Korake ti znam” - I Know Your Steps – “Would you” like to “Stay”?
“Don’t Close Your Eyes” “Before The Music Dies” ‘cause “Love Will Set You Free”. 
Please “Love Me Back” and “Quédate Conmigo” Stay With Me to “Light Your Fire”.

“Vida Minha” “L’Amore É Femmina” – Is My Life is Out Of Love?
“I Should Have Known Better” but “You and Me” were in “Euphoria”.
Now “I’m a Joker” at the “Waterline” “Woki Mit Dein Popo”
Still – I Believe - “Verjamem” - that “We Are The Heros” in “The Social Network Song”

But “Kuula” – Listen - to the “Lautar”! “This Is The Night” for dancing “Zaleilah”.  
“Time” is “Standing Still” so “Be My Guest” and let’s have a “Party For Everybody”.

Some of the titles are translated into English and marked as cursive
"Light Your Fire" is not a song title but the theme of this year's contest.

Photo: Lilian

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