lördag 19 maj 2012

Eurovision 2012: A stylish Nordic party

Last night the Norwegian embassy hosted a party for the Nordic delegations in a fabulous building called Philharmonic Society. It was the day after the Norwegian Constitution Day and Alexander Rybak was invited as special guest. Unfortunately the sound equipment was not according to expectations and after a few songs Rybak decided to stop his performance without playing his winning Eurovision entry “Fairytale”.  

The Nordic Eurovision delegations and artists were all present: Pernilla from Finland, Loreen from Sweden, Tooji from Norway, Soluna from Denmark and Greta & Jonsi from Iceland. Norway is the only country having an embassy in Azerbaijan because of the oil industry.

Sabina from Azerbaijan was the only artist to perform and she also gave gifts to the Norwegian ambassador Erling Skjønsberg and to Tooji. 

Two composers: Jonas Karlsson  who wrote the Finnish entry "När Jag Blundar" and Greta Salomon, from Iceland who is the artist as well as composer of "Never Forget".

Jonsi from Iceland and Pernilla from Finland

Danish Soluna and her hat.
Greetings from Loreen to her fans in Finland (video by ESCstats):

Photo: Lilian & Roger
Video: www.escstats.com

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