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Euroviisut 2011: Tango royalties look forward to the final

I met with two tango royalties in connection with the rehearsal of Euroviisut. Marko Maunuksela became the Tango-king 2010 and Suvi Karjula became second in the female section 2010. The tango competition is very popular in Finland and takes palce every summer. The winner gets a free ticket to Euroviisut. Marko has now qualified to the final together with Suvi. 

First of all I would like to ask if you have changed anything in your performance since the semifinal?

Yes we have. The lightning is different, we have more people on stage and we will have some pyrotechnics as well. But the song has not changed.

Marko – has the winning of the tango king competition changed your live?
Yes it has. From having a job as a nurse I’m now a full time singer.

Suvi – you are also in the tango celebrity.
In this last contest I became second. 

How come that you decided to work together in Euroviisut?

Marko and met in 2009 because we both participated in the tango contest that year and then we met again in 2010. It is very common that artists participate several times in the tango contest.

Do you think it will be an advantage for you in the Euroviisut final?
Maybe. Hopefully because people know us.

Tango is a big art in Finland.  When and why did you started to sing tango?

Tango has a lot of emotions and maybe is a way for us to express ourselves.
Suvi: My roots are in soul and rock music and continue later on with tango
Marko: I started to sing tango in the age of 20. Before that I was more into opera and musicals and during ten years I was also singing dance or entertainment music.

How would you describe your song for those who do not understand Finnish?
It’s a song and the lyrics is about the Finnish people and why we are living in a cold, dark, melancholy country. Despite this we do not want to move anywhere and in the end we do not want to have a warm, sunny climate anyhow. A kind a hate-and-love-song.

What’s your relation to ESC? Something you follow?

Marko: I have been following Eurovision since I was a small boy and I one of my favorites were Herreys and Digi-loo-diggi-ley. I think that the reputation of the Finnish contest increased because of Lordi.
Suvi: Yes I agree. The Finnish winners nowadays are getting a lot of attention around Europe.

Your musical role models and any Eurovision favorites?

Marko: Not really. I’m very broad in my taste and like all kinds of styles. In Eurovision I liked Norway 2010 very much – Didrik Sollen-Tangen.
Suvi: Many. I think it will take too long time to go through them. If I mention some Finnish Eurovision artists it would be Paula Koivuniemi and Laila Kinnunen.

If you win, will you sing in Finnish?

Yes we will not change the language. The song is about Finland and the people here.

If you win what will happen then?
Marko: After the celebration I will start en intense language course in English.

Now it’s soon time for the final and Marko feels confident and appreciated his good team which will back him up on stage. We wish you all the best in the final. Marko Maunuksela is performing “Synkän maan tango”and start as number 8.

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