måndag 22 november 2010

Melodifestivalen 2011 - a mix of artists and genres

 Today I attended the press conference where SVT presented the artists in semi final 1 and 2. Without having a clue about the songs (they are not allowed to be played until the event kicks off in February) it seems to be a cocktail of known, unknown, young and older artists, English and Swedish language and a dictionary in music genres. Very often the participation is connected to an album release. Melodifestivalen is the best PR you can get for your new album.

Christer Björkman, the producer of Melodifestivalen, said he was happy with the mix. He looked a bit tired - maybe it was because of spending the last week in Minsk with Junior Eurovision Song Contest. And if you heard that Sweden will arrange the contest next year it is only a rumour without any essence.   

I had the possibility to interview some of the participants. Among them was Elisabeth Andreassen who is very close to a world record in this context. Her CV includes five times Melodifestivalen, five times Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix and four times in Eurovision where she won 1985 with Bobbysocks and "La de swinge".

 Another wellknown artist in Sanna Nielsen. She celebrates 15 years as an artist and this is her sixth attempt in Melodifestivalen. Keep in mind that Sanna is only 26 years so Elisabeth Andreassen might lose her record one day to Sanna.

All the interview will be published here but already on Wednesday you can listen to Sanna and Elisabeth on www.radiointernational.com or www.oikotimes.tv.

Here are the entries in alphabetic order - the running order has not yet been decided. Next Monday the semi final 3 and 4 will be presented.

Semi final 1, Luleå, 5th March 2011

 Pernilla Andersson: "Desperados"
Danny: "In the Club" 
Swingfly: "Me And My Drum"
Le Kid: "Oh My God"
Jonas Matsson: "On My Own"
Rasmus Viberg: "Social Butterfly"
Jenny Silver: "Something In Your Eyes"
Dilba: "Try Again"

Semi final 2, Gothenburg, 12 March 2011:

Anniela: "Elektrisk"
Babsan: "Ge mig en spanjor"
Sanna Nielsen: "I'm In Love"
Christian Walz: "Like Suicide"
Loreen: "My Heart Is Refusing Me"
The Moniker: "Oh My God!"
Brolle: "Seven Days And Seven Night"
Elisabeth Andreassen: "Vaken i en dröm"

Photos: Lilian

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