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Danny Saucedo loves to dance and to do Melodifestivalen on his own

Danny has temporary left his friends in E.M.D to go solo in Melodifestivalen 2011. In 2006 he participated in Swedish Idol and was appointed the “7th sexiest man in Sweden”. 2007 he did success together with his Idol-friends in the group E.M.D with a cover of ”All for Love”. 2008 he represented Sweden in Eurovision Dance Contest and the same year he ended four in Swedish “Let’s Dance”. He has been number one on the top charts in Russia, Japan and Poland with the song ”If Only You". In 2009 E.M.D became third in Melodifestivalen with ”Baby Goodbye”. This is the short biography version of Daniel Gabriel Alessandro Saucedo Grzechowski. It’s indeed an impressive record for a guy who is only 24 years.

Du kan hitta en denna artikel på svenska på Poplight 

Danny, you participate in the first semi final. How does it feel?
- It feels great. I’m excited. Many new faces and some old ones. I just want to get started now.

How come that you decided to participate in Melodifestivalen again?
- I always wanted to do it by myself. Last time was two years ago with my group E.M.D and we ended up third in the final. E.M.D works fine nowadays and we are a well known group in Sweden. I want to know if I can do Melodifestivalen on my own and if it works as good as with E.M.D.

So E.M.D still alive?
- More alive than ever. We are releasing a new album on the 3rd of December. We are also doing the official movie theme song for ”Narnia”, which has its premiere during Christmas. And after Melodifestivalen we will be touring so it’s a busy schedule.

Tell us something about your song?
- It’s called “In the Club” and by the name people may guess that it’s a club-song. It’s a R’n’B dance-pop song. I want people to dance to it. It’s like a club-anthem.

Is it a typical song for you?
- It will be. It’s a bit of a new style. I have added some urban beats and vibes. My soul stuff have always been a kind of a European dance style and now I’m taking on some urban stuff. I have always been listening to R’n’B and hip-hop and now I have started to collaborate with hip-hop producers to create a new picture which is a combination of my style and theirs.

If you present yourself to our readers – what do you want to tell them?
- I’m a Swedish blonde dude. My mother is from Bolivia and my father from Poland but as you see I look very Swedish. I sing and dance. I love to dance – that’s the best thing to do on this planet! If I didn’t have a voice I would probably be a dancer. I love when people get together, dance and have fun and I believe that this feeling can be heard in my music as well.

What is your relationship to Melodifestivalen and Eurovision Song Contest?
- I have done Melodifestivalen once before in 2009 and every year I’m watching the show and enjoying the music. I like to get a glimpse of the participating countries and their songs. It very good the watch Eurovision because you get an idea of what is happening on the music scene in the European countries.

Thanks a lot Danny and good luck in Melodifestivalen and your coming E.M.D projects.

E.M.D is equal to Erik Segerstedt, Mattias Andréasson and Danny Saucedo.
Their new album is called “Rewind”.

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Correction; He is only 24!!! (not 25)

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