söndag 21 november 2010

Eurovision news from Armenia and Azerbaijan

Armenian Vladimir Arzumanyan won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Minsk on Saturday night. 14 countries participated. Sweden's Josefine Ridel came 11th. The contest is suffering from little interest among the European countries and this might be the "last breath". It seems very unsure if Armenia will arrange a follow up for next year. The status must improve in order to reach something similar to ESC. 14 participating countries out of a potential of 40-something makes the contest too weak. Personally I have to say that there is not much of an interest from my side in this contest. That goes for all kinds of children related contests. Let them grow up first!

Here is the final results:
1. Armenia - Vladimir Arzumanyan - Mama - 120 points
2. Russia - Liza Drozd & Sasha Lazin - Boy And Girl - 119 points
3. Serbia - Sonja Skoric - Carobna Noc / Magical Night - 113 points
4. Georgia - Mariam Kakhelishvili - Mari Dari - 109 points
5. Belarus - Daniil Kozlov - Muzyki Svet - 85 points
6. Lithuania - Bartas - Oki-doki - 67 points
7. Belgium - Jill & Lauren - Get Up! - 61 points
8. Moldova - Stefan Roscovan - Ali Baba - 54 points
9. The Netherlands - Anna & Senna - My Family - 52 points
10. Latvia - Sarlote & Sea Stones - Viva La Dance - 51 points
11.Sweden - Josefine Ridell - Allt Jag Vill Ha - 48 points
12. FYR Macedonia - Anja Veterova - Eooo, Eooo - 38 points
13. Malta - Nicole - Knock Knock!….Boom! Boom! - 35 points
14. Ukraine - Yuliya Gurska - Mii Litak - 28 points

Since Azerbaijan made their debut in Eurovision Song Contest 2008 they have been rather successful. 8th, 3rd and 5th in the final. That is not a bad result during yhree years. Now Azerbaijan kicked of their national contest in order to find the candidate for Düsseldorf. They aim is to win. The concept this year is to find a winning song via seven semi finals. I assume that the Swedish impact from 2009 and 2010 will be reduced dramatically.
In the first semi-final Chingiz Mustafayev became the winner and he will compeate with in the final on the 31 December.

Source & photos: EBU, www.junioreurovision.tv, www.oikotimes.com

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Damian sa...

I'm afraid this time Azerbaijan won't be as good as before without Swedish song :( But it's gonna be interesting to see what music stuff they'll present ourselves.