tisdag 27 juli 2010

A modern "Vintage" album by Vassilikos

Dream A Little Dream Of Me - You Are My Destiny - The Look Of Love - All Tomorrow's Parties

These are all well-known, old, classic songs covered with a patina similar to antique furniture. You have to be brave to take such classic tunes, record them + 9 more, together in an album.
I have never met Vassilikos Sakkas but I have heard his voice as lead singer in the Greek rock group Raining Pleasure. After listening to his new solo album “Vintage” I’m sure he is brave in music.

I know all the songs from before and most of them have fallen into my locked and forgotten music archive. Suddenly they pop up again in a new and trendy kind of version. It is vintage and it remains me that quality has nothing to do with age. No matter if it’s clothes, furniture or music.

A cover of patina may do items and songs even more valuable - as long as they are well taken care of.

My favourite among the songs is “Sealed with a kiss”. “I don’t wanna say goodbye for the Summer”.......
Maybe because I’m Finnish-Swedish and the summer always seems to be so short.

Photos: Lilian, newreleasesnow.com (album cover)

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