lördag 29 mars 2014

Budapest - love at first sight

Budapest in springtime might be your beginning of a lifelong relationship.... that's what happened to me. When I first set my feet on the ground in Budapest, at springtime many years ago, the beauty of the city hit me and it was love at first sight! The love has grown deeper over the years and I have lost count of the number of visits.

It’s about time to share the reasons for my returning time after time....to help and inspire you to get to know some of my Budapest beyond the tourist guides.

As a first time visitor to Budapest there are five things that you just have to experience. You have to:
•    Take time-out and relax in the thermal baths
•    Experience the atmosphere and local products in the market hall
•    Take a Danube cruise and see the city from the water
•    Enjoy a long stroll in the Old town
•    Visit the museums at Hero Square

There is louds written about all of the above, so finding information is easy but I promise you; Budapest has so much more to offer!

Maybe you are not looking for a love story but.....

...who can resist a beauty? 

...or a run down bath dating from the Turkish period... 

...and the bridges over Danube in various construction styles.

PS: I recommend you to have a look at the website of the Hungarian Tourist board: http://gotohungary.com/about-hungary

Photos by Teija

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