onsdag 11 januari 2012

'A Dal' - the Hungarian selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2012

Back from a weekend trip to my favorite city Budapest and I'm happy to find out that Hungary have a promising list of 20 songs, of which one will go to Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku.

Last year Kati Wolf had a great song in "What About My Life" which was selected by the TV-channel.
This year the Hungarian MTV has a new concept called "A Dal" (The Song) with an open contest where everybody could send in songs by the 30 December. 20 songs were selected by a jury and these will compete in the two semifinals. Four from each semifinal will be in the final on the 11th February.

Following 20 songs are participating in "A Dal":
Anti Fitness Club – Lesz, Ami Lesz
Bebe and the Change – Fans Will Be Friends
Caramel – Vízió
Compact Disco – Sound Of Our Hearts
Annamari Dancs – Feel
Juli Fábián & Zoohacker – Like A Child
Niki Gallusz and Márton Vizy – Európa, Egy A Szívünk
Tibor Gyurcsík – Back In Place
Gabi Heinz – Learning To Let Go
András Kállay-Saunders – I Love You
Linda Király, Ben & Viktor – Untried
Gina Kiss – Chasing Dreams
Attila Kökény and Tamara Bencsik – Állítsd Meg Az Időt
Monsoon – Dance
Barna Pély, Eszter Pál and István Pál (“Szalonna”) – Open Your Heart
Péter Puskás – Csillagok
Sophistic – Yeah OK!
Renáta Tolvai – Élek A Szemeidben
Gabi Tóth – Nem Kell Végszó
Mónika Veres “Nika” – This Love

In this video clip you can listen to snippets of all the 20 songs. To me it sounds like a good selection of Hungarian cakes and drinks.

Semi-final dates:
28 January 2012
4 February 2012
Date for final:
11 February 2012

Selections process will be a combination of jury and televoting. All in all Hungary has participated nine times in the Eurovision Song Contest. First time was in 1993.

Photos, source: Lilian, Wikipedia, EurovisionHungary

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