torsdag 28 april 2011

A poetic tribute to Eurovision 2011

It was a sunny day in the park around the corner. Inspired by the singing birds and the Swedish author August Strindberg who was looking at me from above, I got a creative kick. 43 song titles are enough to create a kind of poetic tribute to Eurovision Song Contest 2011.
En solig eftermiddag i Tegnérlunden. Inspirerad till tonerna av fågelkvitter och med August Strindbergs storvuxna lekamen som blickar ner från ovan. Då aktiveras den kreativa ådran. Är det månne någon som klagat över lyriken i Eurovisionslåtarna? De 43 sångtitlarna är i alla fall tillräckligt 'lyriska' för att skapa en form av hyllningspoesi till Eurovision Song Contest 2011.

My “Love In Rewind” was like a “Haba Haba” and I loved you like a Greek angel “San Aggelos S’agapisa”. I was “Na Inat” and stubborn like a “Rusinka” woman. I said “I Love Belarus” but you said that “The Secret Is Love”. I was “Running Scared” and started to look for a “New Tomorrow”.

In “Sognu” I lost myself in a Corsican dream. I could “Feel The Passion” when my heart went “Boom Boom”. It was “Madness Of Love” and I was “So Lucky”. Like a “Ding Dong” “Angel” I was “In Love For A While”. For “One More Day” I was dancing me away in “Que Me Quiten Lo Bailao”.

With “Lipstick” of “Vaniljia” I felt magic like a “Caroban”. I wanted to “Celebrate” at “Rockefeller Street”. “I’m Still Alive” like an “Angel In Disguise”. “Watch My Dance” and let me be “Da Da Dam” “Popular”. “C’est Ma Vie” – it’s my life and “No One“ can “Change” it. “Jestem” here I am.

But “What About My Dreams” where I’m “Taken By A Stranger”? What about “One Life” where I fight for joy like a “Lute é Alegria”?  I want to “Live It Up” and “Stand By” you. I want to “Get You” “With Love Baby”. I’m sure “I Can” and now I’m “Coming Home”. Home to Eurovision where I’m “Never Alone” and where I feel my heart beat.

A poem needs to be recorded and the shining Stockholm was a perfect background.
Ett poem bör också finnas i filmversion och ett soligt Stockholm är då en perfekt bakgrund. 

Author: Lilian
Photo, video: Roger

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