onsdag 6 april 2011

Artists in Finland against intolerance and racism

As a reaction against extreme right wing populist politics in Finland, Swedish and Finnish speaking artists have recorded a song with the title "Vår tid - vårt land" = Our time - our country.

The contributing artists are:
Paradise Oskar alias Axel Ehnström Finland's representative in ESC 2011 with "Da da dam"
Geir Rönning represented Finlands in Eurovision Song Contest 2005 and Swedish Idol 2011
Elin Blom from Swedish Idols 2011, MGP Nordic 2007, Finlands NF 2010

Fredrik Furu from Fame Factory 2005.
Nina Lassander second in Finland's national contest 2010 with "Cider Hill"
Redrama – one of the best rap artists in Finland
Other Finnish artists are Frida Andersson, Ville Pusa, André Linman, Krista Siegfrids and Daisy Jack.

The song is written by Patric Sarin, Niklas Rosström, Pasi Hiihtola

The background is that during April Finland will have their parliament election. It is sad to see that also here the populist influences seem to attract a part of the population. One of the participating parties is representing politics incused by intolerance and racism. This Finnish party is also against the Swedish language despite Finland has, by law, two official languages - Finnish and Swedish.

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