söndag 1 augusti 2010

Stockholm Pride is like a mini-Eurovision once again

The most popular evening during Stockholm Pride Festival is the Eurovision evening.  This year’s event was accompanied by grey clouds but compared to the heavy rain earlier a small dripping and dropping might be seen as a tribute to Safura, one of the guest artists. Me and my good friend JP, were in front of the stage to film and take photos. Dressed up in rain coats. The show was in two acts. Some of the artists have been announced in beforehand but this is an evening where the surprise element is important.

Act one included Swedish Eurovision and Melodifestivalen artists performing with a live band. The host was Anne-Lie Rydé (MF 2004, 2005, 2007) and she presented the artists with humor and happiness. The first  on stage was Shirley Clamp, followed by many beloved artists who we remember from the early days of Eurovision. The last one in the cavalcade was Björn Skifs who is still one of the most popular singer, entertainer and actor in Sweden with long career which started already during the 60ies.

Act 1: List of artists - some including the video from the performance
Shirley Clamp (MF 2003, 2004, 2005, 2009 + backing for Antique 2001):
- "Med Hjärtat Fyllt Av Ljus" and "Att älska dig"
- "Min kärlek"
Claes-Göran Hedenström (MF 1968)
Jan Johansen (ESC 1995): "Se på mig"
Christer Sjögren (MF 2008): "I Love Europe"
Nanne Grönvall (MF  1998, 2003, 2005, 2007)
Nanne Grönvall together with Angelique Widengren (MF 1986, 1987)
Göran Fristorp (ESC 1973 with the group Nova): "Sommaren som aldrig säger nej"
Svenne och Lotta (MF 1975): "Bang A Boomerang"
Blond (ESC 1997)
Jill Johnson (ESC 1998, MF 2003)
- "Crazy in love"
- "Kärleken är"
Björn Skifs (MF 1975, ESC 1978, 1981)
- "Fångad i en dröm"
- "Michelangelo" 

Act two was hosted by the entertainment group Schlagerfeber and with Mr Melodifestivalen himself, Christer Björkman, acting as master of ceremonies. The live music was gone and we were back in the modern, pre-recorded time. The cavalcade was very much a flash back of Melodifestivalen and ESC 2010 with a hint of earlier years. Anna Bergendahl was greeted as a queen and it was easy to understand the disappointment Swedish people must have felt when she didn’t qualify for the final in Oslo.

Great applauds were also given to Chiara from Malta, dressed in a rainbow colors and Norway’s Didrik Solli-Tangen. It was very nice to see a relaxed Didrik, dressed in jeans and with a twinkle in his eye, far away from the proper and strict Didrik we met on stage in Oslo. In the interview we made before the concert he confirmed that a new album with up-tempo song is under production.

Last but not least, the rumor was confirmed. Lena, the winner, Meyer-Landrut entered the stage. She is on a promo tour right now and she arrived directly from the airport. She is as charming and relaxed as ever before. Maybe it was because of the late evening but somehow I felt that her English accent was a bit softer that it used to be.
All in all the Schlager evening of 2010 was far more better than last year. The surprise element was found mainly in act one and I have to say that nothing compares to a good live band. Act two was okay but maybe Melodifestivalen and ESC 2010 are too close in time and therefore it sometimes felt a bit boring. An extra praise to Christer Björkman and the small stories he told in between the performances.

Act 2: List of artists - some including the video from the performance:
Elin Lanto (MF 2007, 2010)
Sofia (MF 2007, 2009)
Chiara (ESC 1998, 2005, 2009):
- What if we
- Angel
Sibel (MF 2008, 2010)
Jenny Silver (MF 2010)
Neo (MF 2010)
Hanna Lindblad (MF 2010)
Linda Pritchard (MF 2010)
Didrik Solli-Tangen (ESC 2010): "My Heart Is Yours"
Anna Bergendahl (ESC 2010): "This Is My Life"
Safura (ESC 2010): "Drip, Drop"
Hera Björk (ESC 2010): “Je Ne Sais Quoi”
Lena Meyer-Landrut (ESC 2010): "Satellite"

Videos, photos: Lilian, JP
Source: stockholmpride.com

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