onsdag 8 december 2010

The story of The Ark is soon over

I had no relation to The Ark before they qualified for Eurovision 2007. Of course I had heard their songs on radion but it was nothing more than that. The big news from yesterday is that the band will split after 20 years. But first they release an album in February - 'a kind of best of' called "Arkeology"! It will also include two new songs.

The Ark represented Sweden in Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki 2007 with the song "The worrying kind" which ended 18th. A huge disappointment for Sweden after the big hype the media made before the contest. Anyhow - we will miss the band and the exhibitionistic singer Ola Salo, who has always been stretching the boarders and fascinating both men and women. I'm sure many have been a bit confused about their eventual "chances" on him!

Read also www.oikotimes.com.

 So take a last chance to hear the band on their farewell tour:
3/3 Helsingfors
5/3 Karlstad
9/3 Uppsala
10/3 Åre
11/3 Sundsvall
15/3 Stockholm
18/3 Gothenburg
19/3 Malmö
24/3 Växjö
26/3 Norrköping
31/3 Oslo
2/4 Helsingborg
19/4 Copenhagen

PS: Do not miss to listen to the Swiss songs. The final will take place on 11 December.
Swiss International/Eurovision-Song-Contest
Michael von der Heide was last year's Swiss representative in Oslo with his song "Il pleut de l'or"

Source/photos: Lilian, eurovision.tv, www.thearkworld.com

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