söndag 14 juni 2009

“Energy” with Dusa Nerenda is the perfect driving-to-the-seaside-song

The first swim, especially the first Greek swim, of the year is very special. After
4 days of heat wave I finally saw and felt the sea. A trip in the direction of Suonio and my swimming season has started. It will continue in Patra very soon.

Next time I hope to see the Temple of Poseidon as well.

My dear Greek friends insisted on playing Eurovision and schlager music in the car and I was a bit surprised that they had such a variety of ESC music, until I found out that the CD came from me! Rotis’ new favorite is “Energy” with Dusa Nerenda (Slovenian entry 2002). It has always been one of mine too and now I found a new dimension of this song. I strongly recommend “Energy” on very high volume, driving a car and let the wind blow through your hair. It gives the opportunity for having disco in the car meanwhile you pretend you are a famous concert pianist. As a contrast I suggest you continue with Lill-Babs and “Leva Livet”, because “Living the Life” is exactly what we all want to do, won’t we! For the moment I prefer to do it in Greece instead of rainy, cold Stockholm. June has turned out to be the coldest month for the last 50 years. Believe me – I’m happy not to be there!

For a spontaneous evening dance I suggest you to go to Archangelos – a small bar with a friendly atmosphere at Konstantinopoulos Street. It’s a place where you can listen to all the Greek songs you wish you could sing and understand the lyrics of.

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