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Gastronomy in Budapest the Zsidai way

One family - seven restaurants. In 1982 the Zsidai-family opened their first restaurant called Pierrot. More than 30 years later the restaurant collection has grown and recently they opened Spiler Shanghai - their seventh restaurant. All the restaurants have different concepts. There is something for everyone, no matter what food or what kind of atmosphere you prefer.

"Gastronomy is not only our profession, it is our life and it's our mission to raise the bar, to lift the level of Hungarian cuisine and gastronomy back to the international frontline."

Well, after visiting six out of the seven restaurants we have to say: -Mission accomplished!

The unifying theme, throughout the seven restaurants, is the care and the high quality of the products. It is very important for the family that the food is made from locally sourced ingredients. This is a trend that has not been seen as much in Budapest until now.  

Four of the restaurants are located within walking distance from each other in the old town on the Buda-side. 

Baltazár Grill is the perfect spot for meat lovers, usually prepered on the charcoal grill. Don't miss the delicious gooseliver or the free range chicken. There are also many options for vegetarians.
Next to the restaurant you find Hotel Baltazár with 11 rooms. Excellent location for a stay in the historical old Buda.
Address: Országház utca 31, 1014 Budapest

When grandmother Ilona Zsiday opened Pierrot restaurant in 1982 it was a new kind of  restaurant concept - very trendy and modern compared to what was available in Budapest at the time. The relaxing atmosphere has remained even if Pierrot has changed into a more elegant, cosmopolitan costume and an excellent gastronomy. Don't miss the lovely inner yard if you are here during the warm season.
Address: Fortuna utca 14, 1014 Budapest

Restaurant 21 is serving Hungarian food in an updated version. The interior is in modern bistro-style and is a perfect spot for spontaneous meals. This is the place I would like to visit if I lived around the corner. 
Address: Fortuna utca 21, 1014 Budapest

Pest-Buda is one of the oldest restaurants in Hungary and this is something the owner family care for when it comes to food. Pest-Buda offers Hungarian food in a home style tradition. Cozy and family friendly atmospher.
Address: Fortuna utca 3, 1014 Budapest

Three restaurants are located on the Pest-sida. És is a winebar, pub, bistro and a terrace inside the Kempinski Hotel at Deák Ference utca 12-24. This is the only place we have not seen but És will be on our list during the next visit.

Gozsdu Udvar (Gojdu Courtyard) is six courtyards with seven attached buildings in the 7th district behind the synagogue. It connects Dob utca with Király utca. Just a few years ago the courtyards were almost empty. Today is different and if you want to be 'in', this is the place to go. Here is an intense activity and the area is filled with bars, restaurants and shops.

Spiler is one of the popular spots and it's a place where the atmosphere is as important as the food. It’s a perfect place for people spotting or meeting with friends for a burger and a beer from the own micro-brewery. Music is loud and will put you in the right mood before you go bar-hopping in the 7th district
Address: Gozsdu Udvar (Király utca 13), 1075 Budapest

The newest baby in the Zsidai restaurant-family is Spiler Shanghai, opposite to Spiler. The place opened in end of March 2014 and as the name indicates it is Asian food in a cool, funky environment.
Address: Gozsdu Udvar (Király utca 13), 1075 Budapest

Read more about the restaurants and the family at www.zsidai.com

Photos: Teija

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