lördag 5 april 2014

Do like the Budapestian hipsters- rent a bike!

The biking-trend has hit Budapest big time during the last two years. Bikerentals, biking bars, biking fashion and biking repair shops are widely spread around the city.

 New biking roads are built all over the city. This is necessary though, since there were hardly any before. 

Shops for bicycle repairs are found all over the city, as well as special biker's shops for fashion and other necessary equipment.
Practical and stylish bags can be found at Lollipop Factory. We also discovered bars offering bike rentals.

We have not seen many bikers wearing a bicycle helmet, but I'm sure it will come. If you ask me - it is necessary in the city of Budapest- the traffic is heavy and intense and many of the bikers seems to have an ambition to participate in Giro Italia or Tour de France. 

Do you happen to have some old crocheted materials made by your grandmother? Well here is a tip. Use them as a wheel protection.

From this year Budapest offers city-bikes for rent. If you want to be a hip Budapestian - follow the trend and experience the city by bike.  

Photos: Teija

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