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Lilian's Eurovision poem 2013

"Lilian's Eurovision poem 2013" is my personal tribute to the contest. It is built of the 39 song titles and the Eurovision theme "We Are One". Surprisingly not (!), many of the songs are about love and the Israeli song "Rak Bishvilo" = "Only For Him" is the title. 

To reach a better flow I decided to go for a full English version. The translated titels are in cursive. I also had to add some small conjunctions. Below you can see the song per country and original title.

"Only For Him"

"Only Champions" fall "Straight Into Love". "Believe In Me" – "You" are "A Million". "Something" "Glorious" with a "Gravity" as a "Waterfall’. "Love Is Everywhere" and "I’m Alive". A "New Beginning" for "You And Me". 

But "What If" Love Kills" my "Identity" and gives me "Hard Times" with "Only Teardrops"? "Hell And Me" "We are one" so "Here We Go" with my "Crisalide" "Birds" to the "Igranka-Party" at "Lonely Planet" "Solayoh", where "Alcohol Is Free".

"Darling" - "If You Remember Me" "Tomorrow". "Hold Me", "Marry Me"
and "I Feed You My Love". "Only Love Survives" like a "Shine" "Before The Sunset". I’m "With You Until The End". It’s "Necessary", "It's My Life".

Here are the links to my previous Eurovision poems:
2012 / 2011 / 2010
"Only For Him" = Israel. Original title is "Rak Bishvilo"
"Only Champions" = Bulgaria. Original title is "Samo Shampioni"
"Straight Into Love" = Slovenia
"Believe In Me" = United Kingdom
"You" = Sweden
"A Million" = Moldova
"Something" = Lithuania
"Glorious" = Germany
"Gravity" = Ukraine
"Waterfall" = Georgia
"Love Is Everywhere" = Serbia. Original title is "Ljubav Je Svuda"
"I’m Alive" = Iceland. Original title is "Ég Á Líf"
"New Beginning" = Estonia. Original title is "Et Uus Saaks Alguse"
"You And Me" = Switzerland
"What If" = Russia
"Love Kills" = Belgium
"Identity" = Albania. Original title is "Identitet"
"Hard Times" = Croatia. Original title is "Mižerja"
"Only Teardrops" = Denmark
"Hell And Me" = France. Original title is: "L'enfer Et Moi"
"We are one" = the theme of Eurovision 2013
"Here We Go" = Latvia
"Crisalide" = San Marino. Original title is: "Crisalide (Vola)"
"Birds" = The Netherlands
"Igranka-Party" = Montenegro. Original title is: "Igranka"
"Lonely Planet" = Armenia
"Solayoh" = Belarus
"Alcohol Is Free" = Greece. Lyrics in Greek but title is English
"Darling" = Hungary. Original title is: "Kedvesem"
"If You Remember Me" = Cyprus. Original title is: "An Me Thimasai"
"Tomorrow" = Malta
"Hold Me" = Azerbaijan
"Marry Me" = Finland
"I Feed You My Love" = Norway
"Only Love Survives" = Ireland
"Shine" = Austria
"Before The Sunset" = F.Y.R. Macedonia. Original title is: "Pred Da Se Razdeni"
"With You Until The End" = Spain. Original title is: "Contigo Hasta El Final"
"Necessary" = Italy. Original title is: "L'Essenziale"
"It's My Life" = Romania

16 countries will sing in their national language: Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, France, F.Y.R. Macedonia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Montenegro, San Marino, Serbia, Spain. 

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Juergen Boernig sa...

Good as ever dear Nana alias Lilian - Queen of Schlagerland. Enjoyed reading it and of course we hope with more funny videos as in previous years. Puss Puss :) JP:)