onsdag 14 december 2011

Have returned from Istanbul with a bunch of CD:s. Some familiar ones and some new ones recommended by the nice guy in the record store at İstiklal Street. Gökan Özen, Gökan Tepe, Rafet El Roman, Ajda, Tarkan, Sertab, Emre Altug and Aynur Aydin. 

Despite the Turkish language it was something familiar with the Aynur Aydin album. A closer look at the information and I found some
familiar Swedish song writers from Melodifestivalen: Darin, Tony Nilsson, Johan Röhr, Henrik Jansson, Peter Sjöström. Styling made by Richard Engfors. It seems impossible to avoid the Swedish influences - even in Turkish popmusic.
On the other hand  - Istanbul is so much more than CD-shopping. Blue Mosque, Topkapi, Hagia Sofia, Grand Bazaar are the necessary sights. Next time I'm in town I will just walk and walk and get lost in the alleys. 


I learnt from our excellent guide Serhat that the 'holes' in the walls inside Topkapi was for the sultan's turban.

The most famous hotel in Istanbul is Pera Palace. It opened already in 1892. Agatha Christie's 'Murder on the Orient Express' from 1934 was inspired by her stay in this hotel, in room no 411. This room is still named and decorated after her. Other celebrities who stayed in Pera Palace were Ernest Hemingway and Greta Garbo.

On a sunny day the view over Bosphorus is magnificent!
Photos/source: Lilian, the superb travel agent Pakero Travel (www.pakerotravel.com)

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