torsdag 10 november 2011

UMK2012: 'Checkmate-Martina' didn’t break the rules

Martina and ”Checkmate” is one of 40 selected songs in the UMK2012 selection, which is also the selction to find a song for Eurovision Song Contest 2012. The song has been number 1 on the YLE top-list but since some days the popularity has gone done to number 4.
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The other day Martina was singing her song in the commercial channel 4 and immediately the speculation started whether she acted against the rules of YLE, the Finnish TV. According to Anssi Autio, producer of UMK2012, this is not the case as long as the song is in ‘demo-version’. If the song is selected to be one of the 12 which will be transformed into ‘radio-version’, the rules will also be different. For the time being artists are welcome to promote their songs in other medias.  

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