torsdag 18 augusti 2011

Wentus Blues Band brings blues into Facebook

The blues can be found everywhere - both in Ostrobothnia, Finland and at Facebook. Wentus Blues Band showed it very clearly when I heard them playing at WATTs Up music festival in Jakobstad (Pietarsaari).
The song on this video clip is called "Facebook Blues". No matter how lonely you are, you can always turn to your 'friends' at Facebook. Or despite hundreds of Facebook friends you may still feel alone.

The Wentus Blues Band are: Niko Riippa (guitar), Juho Kinaret (vocal), Robban Hagnäs (bass), Kim Vikman (guitar), Mikael Axelqvist (drums), Pekka J.V. Gröhn (keyboards). 
More information about the band to be found at: HERE

WATTs Up festival took place 22-23 July in connection with Jakobs Dagar in Jakobs dagar. It was arranged by the football club JARO.

 Video and photo: Lilian

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