fredag 12 augusti 2011

Sundays are perfect for music experiences

Sometimes you hear people say that Sundays are boring and dull. Well - it's up to everyone to deside. A music experience is a perfect way, in my opinion, to make Sunday a happy day. A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege to listen to Geir Rönning and his band at Engelen in Stockholm.
Geir has a great voice and a variety of songs that appeal to a broad audience. Born Norwegian, living in Finland and performing frequently in Sweden, Geir is a true Nordic personality.

Geir represented Finland in Eurovision Song Contest 2005 with the ballad "Why" and last year he participated in Swedish Idols 2010 as one of the oldest, young hearted adults ever. Right now he is touring around Sweden with Robert Wells' band which also include the singer LaGaylia Frazier.

Life is all about having fun, to be true to yourself and feel young in your heart and mind. Even on a Sunday!

Enjoy these videos by Geir Rönning.
Thanks to Teija for great photos!

PS! We appreciated everybody in band and want to give an extra homage to the guitar player from Jakobstad in Finland.

PS 2! Visit Geir's web page on:

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