lördag 16 oktober 2010

Kronoby - a high ranking village in music

My home village Kronoby, located at the west-coast of the Swedish-speaking part of Finland, is represented in Swedish Idol and Finnish Eurovision Song Contest. I have to say I'm a bit proud. After all there are only around 6000 inhabitants living in Kronoby!

And many of us moved.... including myself.

I found it a bit interesting that such a small village is able to produce successful artists year after year. Elin Blom is improving week by week in this year's Swedish Idol. Despite she is only 16 years she has already prepresented Finland in Junior MGP 2007. In the local Finnish ESC 2010 she was in the final with her group Sister Twister.

Father McKenzie is a new group and they managed to get one of the three web wild cards in the Finnish Eurovision Song Contest 2011. The composer (and singer) of the song "Good Enough", is Tobias Granbacka from Kronoby. The other members, Emil Johansson (Bass/Vocals), Simon Larsson (Drums/Vocals) and Jochum Juslin, are partly from Sweden, partly from Åland in Finland.

In addition to the above "hot shots" we should not forget Sonja Biskop who also was participating in this year's web wild card contest in Finland. She is well experienced and has competed in the Finnish ESC final year 2004 with the song "Should I run, Should I hide".

I wish the best of luck to Elin Blom in Idol and Father McKenzie in ESC.

Sourse: TV4, YLE, fathermckenzie.se, sonjabishop.com

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